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3D animation is a process of animating finished 3D models. Before the start of 3D animation, it is necessary to prepare the scene, in which prepared 3D models are positioning. The complexity of the animation increases with the number of different models that are added to the scene, as well as with various other factors (such as vehicles moving, etc.). The preparation (rendering) mainly depends on the duration of the animation itself (the number of frames that needs to be render) and their complexity.

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How can you be sure that you've selected quality studio to create 3D visualization and 3D animation? What are the criteria?

Photorealism. Photorealistic 3D visualization is a very important indicator of the quality and expertise of 3D studio. However, although the photorealism is the climax in the development of 3D visualization, highest level of quality isn't needed for every single project. When you watch a movie, you're not thinking about the effects made in 3D. When you look at the catalogs with kitchens and furnitur, you do not notice that you look at solely 3D models. A true 3D is one that is completely realistic, natural and blended with the environment. Choose only the studio that can deliver this level of quality!

Why is it important to choose a specialized studio for the creation of 3D visualization and 3D animation?

Interior is never "just an interior". Regardless of what kind is the project, top projects always include elements from different areas. In order to get high quality 3D render (3D images), they need to breathe life to present images of vehicles, people and the environment. In the case of interior, it is needed to present pictures on the walls, books on shelves, furniture and realistic lighting. In order to present the architectural structures, it is not enough to put 3D model of the object on a white or blue background, it is necessary to show the sky, the sun, the trees and the environment. If you build a hotel, let there be realistic water in pools on 3D images, a fire in the fireplace inside the restaurant, let the curtain moves with the wind.

These are the things that are important. Things in practice that mean getting the tender, selling the apartment before it is built, distinguishing yourself among the competition.



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