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  • "15 years ago the companies competed in price and quality, today they compete in design."
    Mr. John Anderson, designer
  • "Lift is broken for success, but the stairs are always viable."
    Zig Ziglar
  • "Experience is not what happens to a man, but what man do with what happened to him."
    Brajan Trejsi
  • "There are no unrealistic goals, only unrealistic deadlines."
    Brajan Trejsi
  • "Each new moment is a new chance to turn it all around."
    Unknown wiseman

Our Team

Simone production studio officially exists since 2006. We started in the year 2000. as a studio where the audio production was the primary. After a lot of experience, successfully finished jobs, reference clients and of course mistakes that we made on our way, we have recognize and establish our sensibility. A lot of satisfied customers has given us the confidence to expand the range of our services and to raise them to the highest quality level.

Simone production studio today gathers over 100 freelancers from all areas of advertising. From voiceovers, actors, singers, composer, directors, copywriters, 3D animators, cameramen and editors.

We are located in the center of Belgrade, Svetogorska 35/2 street, 3 minutes from the Federal Parlament. We function as a production house that has crystallized its services in the last few years and is ready to support clients with specialized services of making radio commercials, TV commercials, promotional films, dubbing of TV commercials, etc.

Beside our in-house service, one of the essential thing that „Simone" production studio provides to clients together with security, pleasure and elegance in business is creative potential.

Fresh ideas, meeting deadlines, responsible and dedicated relationship to work, as well as the results that our campaigns deliver, are more than enough reasons for you to enroll on our client list.



Mihailo Simonovic // owner and creative director

For 16 years in advertising. He graduated from the acting. Currently on the site of creative director. Parallel to these works as an audio producer, screenwriter, voice over, director, etc.


DuSan IvanoviC  // DireCtor PHOTOGRAPHY

Graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, Department of Film and TV cameras. He attended post-graduate studies within the Rectorate of Arts in Belgrade, Department of Digital Arts. He has several feature films and over 100 substance-recorded commercials and music videos.


Gordan MatiC  // Copywriter

Screenwriter, director and producer. He has dozens of commercials he directed, and many more who was also devised.


Uroš Igić // 3D&VFX Artist

10 years in the world of animation. Specialist in 3D animation and character animation for TV commercials, music videos, promotional films and other needs. (modeling, mapping, rigging, rendering, compositing).



He graduated at SAE Institute, an interactive animation at Pedja Milosevic. Designing, illustration, 3d character modeling, Uv texturing.


Dragan Beljić Belja  // Film and TV cameraman

Graduated from the Academy of Arts in Belgrade, department of film and TV camera. He has recorded a large number of promotional videos, TV commercials and music videos. 



Voices For Commercials

Contact Data

   Svetogorska 35/2 - No.12, 11000, Belgrade, Serbia
  +381 11 40 89 490

  +381 11 40 89 597
   +381 60 32 41 424
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