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  • "15 years ago the companies competed in price and quality, today they compete in design."
    Mr. John Anderson, designer
  • "Lift is broken for success, but the stairs are always viable."
    Zig Ziglar
  • "Experience is not what happens to a man, but what man do with what happened to him."
    Brajan Trejsi
  • "There are no unrealistic goals, only unrealistic deadlines."
    Brajan Trejsi
  • "Each new moment is a new chance to turn it all around."
    Unknown wiseman

Recognize the Right Agency

Marketing is generally the way you discover, build and meet the needs of its users. Within Marketing, you will be provided not only to hear about your business, you will give him enough business flexibility to adapt to changing needs and changing business climate.

creative 725811 1920According to one author, marketing is civilized form of war in which many battles were obtained by the words, ideas and disciplined thinking.
Business ideas that succeed are those whose owner has a vision for the company and is ready to implement it. Marketing plan will identify the focus of your action and vision into action.

Marketing will help you discover who your potential customers, place and price of your product compared with the competition and also the company's position in the market. It will also help you identify opportunities for promotion in the future.

The first step

Do not confuse sales with marketing. It is very common error for smaller companies that are considered an integral part of marketing sales, although these two events are different from the start. This happens because most marketing and business plan parts.

The mission of the sale is to increase profits through various actions and ''tricks'' such as discounts, margins, two products in one cost, special offers and the like. The mission of marketing is to identify markets, build the company's image and promote the product.

Recognize the right agency

You decide - it's time to hire an external agency for its marketing activities. Agency that will address your communicative strategy and plans to build a representation of your products to different target groups and ultimately implement all creative actions.

The vast majority of small and medium-sized companies to start business does not pay sufficient attention to relationships with external customers and are often "chaotic" communication strategies and actions implemented within the marketing services. However, this is usually not enough. It is often necessary to engage a professional agency with relevant experience and contacts and resources that are capable of all ideas into practice.

 miniature 1700629 1920Define objectives

The first step in choosing effective advertising agency is defining the objectives in the field of public relations.

This is an essential step not only in selecting the appropriate advertising agencies but also to ensure the successful advertising campaigns in the future. You can choose brilliant agency, but does not achieve the desired results, as a result of poorly defined objectives. It takes time and effort to make the analysis of corporate strategy for your business and marketing strategies, and identifying areas where they can take advantage of marketing activities for the benefit of your business. At this stage, make sure that everyone in senior management and the entire marketing staff clearly understand the definition and the need for public relations.

Evaluation of corporate strategy objectives set time period in which you need the services of marketing professionals, is a long term relationship or you need services for certain campaigns / actions.

Business Chemistry

Good results come from effective teamwork. Think of the potential advertising agency as an extension of my marketing team and do not restrict only to the seller-buyer services. "Business chemistry" must be right and if the suspect in a real relationship, not engage agency. You need someone who will understand the requirements you set in front of him or the agency.



On the basis of your communication strategy and future action, a budget to hire advertising agencies. You should know that the engagement of advertising agency is not cheap, but do not be no "alums" as you will be engaging marketing professionals pay off, or you can say "worth every penny."


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