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  • "15 years ago the companies competed in price and quality, today they compete in design."
    Mr. John Anderson, designer
  • "Lift is broken for success, but the stairs are always viable."
    Zig Ziglar
  • "Experience is not what happens to a man, but what man do with what happened to him."
    Brajan Trejsi
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    Brajan Trejsi
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    Unknown wiseman

ID promos

ID promos are only used as a sound identification of the radio station. They are created individually or as a package. They may be a service, sung, fiction, as well as background... absolutely everything is allowed. Most are created in a shorter form, in order to be easily remembered and to be played in pauses between songs. Identification refers to the name of the radio, the radio frequency, the slogan of the radio, a special benefit that the radio aparts from others. As well as jingles for the radio shows, announcements of advertising blocks, news, weather, etc ...


Why is the identification of a radio station very important?

It would be the same as when we ask why the suit is important for a man. In a sea of radio frequencies that can be heard in our area, competition is enormous and it is necessary to stand out in the crowd. It is needed to attract potential audience. The frequency of your radio should remain as long as possible on the radio unit of listeners?

And what will attract the audience?

  • Symphatic name of the radio
  • Announcer with quality
  • Creative program schedule
  • Precisely determinated look of the radio
  • Definition of the target group

And of course with high quality identification radio commercials that will contain in itself all of the foregoing. Through them you will be able to portray a look of your radio, create the impression as the media with style, taste, creativity, and thus you will create respect and authority, as well as the share you require to cooperate with upcoming clients.



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