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  • "15 years ago the companies competed in price and quality, today they compete in design."
    Mr. John Anderson, designer
  • "Lift is broken for success, but the stairs are always viable."
    Zig Ziglar
  • "Experience is not what happens to a man, but what man do with what happened to him."
    Brajan Trejsi
  • "There are no unrealistic goals, only unrealistic deadlines."
    Brajan Trejsi
  • "Each new moment is a new chance to turn it all around."
    Unknown wiseman


Jingles belong to the most exclusive and most demanding form of production. It is necessary to develop a scenario, then the composer has to make a musical matrix and melody for singing, then hire a singer whose voice and singing style corresponds to a particular brand and announcer at the end.

We should not forget it is not recommended for this type of advertising to be recorded in home conditions. Professional studio is needed along with a composer who is usually the producer whose musical education, experience and expression should evoke a text message.

To revive and turn into a catchy tune that the audience will accept. We use them in cases where the client wants to demonstrate its superiority in the market or when he wants to make a BRAND out of his company, service or specific product.

Melodies and the text of sung commersials remains in the ear of listeners for a long period of time and if the production and concept of message that is sent over the radio is in high quality, it makes emotional connection between the audience and the BRAND that is mentioned in the advertisement, which effect comes to the fore at the moment when a potential customer should choose a particular item among several offered manufacturers. Naturally, as it is one of the most sophisticated radio form, the price of a sung radio commercials is bigger than other, so that clients do not often choose this form of advertising but by experience, when they decide, they rarely repent.



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