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Brand or corporate videos fall into a longer video form. They are used for a more detailed presentation of the company, product or service in front of potential customers within fairs, TV shows, etc. The duration is usually between 5 and 30 minutes. This is quite complex form. Brand videos require serious creative and technical preparation.


Simone Production Studio has great experience in creating promotional films. Our production team has all the necessary technical equipment for shooting on the field.

For content that you want to present to be an attractive, it is essential to create a screenplay in exciting, dynamic and creative way, as well as storyboard, in one word, every single frame. The aim is to introduce yourself in the best possible way, to leave a superior impression on prospective clients, which will be achieved with skillfully generated creative line and message you want to send. The timing in the film is very important. It shouldn't be neither too long nor too short. It should be concise and clear. It has to have attractive and rich in quality shots that will present your company in most superior way.


Postproduction and editing of all shots is very important, because the final result may depend a lot on good editor. The voice that will follow the video is also very important. For male vocals, deep baritone is usually selected, because of his dominance in voice that represents the strength of the company. Female vocals should be warm and full of confidence.




Voices For Commercials

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