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TV Commercials

TV commercials fall in short video form. They are the most used ones for delivering the video messages. Their duration is mostly from 20 to 30 seconds. Mainly because the attention of the modern viewer, who is very burdened with information, declines after 30 seconds.

There are also shorter forms, that lasts from 5 seconds and more. Lately, there is a novelty in our area, so called Block Bumper. It is a video up to 5 sec, that appears on half of the screen, at the beginning and at the end of the commercial break.

TV commercial has the most power when it comes to mass advertising. Client sensibility changes according to the season, trend and seasonal campaigns. Let's see, who is today the most advertised? These are the large corporations (banks, food chains, coffee, mineral waters, beers, cosmetics, etc.) Their market is global, and they have huge budgets they spend on broadcast commercials. First of all, someone understood the power of a television.

At the local level, commercials lost importance, as well as ratings of local televisions.The most of TV viewers in Serbia is linked to several national channels.

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Price of TV advertising is quite high, which initially refusing small and medium-sized companies, therefore it should show great courage and serious strategy, when starting a TV campaign. If some medium-sized company wants to place some new product at the market that has a mass consumption (new cookie, mineral water, product for wight loss, etc.), a television is the only place where millions of viewers will hear about that product.

Nowadays, it's the only way to position yourself at the market. Of course, you need to find a way of financing and to be very careful. At the first place with the choice of the team that will develop your idea and turn into an effective video message.

Simone Production Studio, according to a situation in which all of us are, has found a way to serve all the customers who want high-quality and creative services with a limited budget. We monitor our clients, advise them and support them on their way to success. The only condition is fair cooperation. When you contact us, be honest and do not try to calculate, because it will hinder both us and yourselves.




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